Focus on Phonak’s Audeo, Una and Aero ranges

Great article on InventorSpot about Phonak’s new range of hearing aids… sorry, Phonak’s new range of Personal Communication Aids. You can take a look at the latest Phonak hearing aids here.

They talk about Phonak’s new marketing stance. They also write about people’s perception of hearing aid wearers and how it differs from spectacle wearers.

“Phonak’s marketing is right on. When you visit Phonak’s websites, you feel like you’re buying a Lexus, not a hearing aid. The models have names like AudéoSaliaUna, and Valea… The Audéo comes in 15 two-toned color combinations with names like Antique Mahogany, Solar Flare, Lunar Eclipse, and Pinot Noir. Don’t you want to take one for a spin?”

The full Phonak article on InventorSpot.

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