Hard Of Hearing Handbag Syndrome

Do you have handbag syndrome?

Shops are very noisy places, there are a lot of people around, everyone is talking, tills are ringing – there’s a lot of background noise and a lot of distractions. Many hard of hearing people finds shops difficult – it can be difficult to hear the person who is serving you. How much money are they asking you to pay? If you can’t see the amount then you have to hear them.

To avoid this problem many people always carry big notes that they know will easily cover there shopping bill. Didn’t hear the £15.67 price? Pay with the £20 note and the problem is avoided. But, because you are always paying with notes, your handbag (or pocket) will soon fill up with loose change – handbag syndrome.

I’ve had handbag syndrome myself – well, I don’t actually own a handbag but I always pay with my Credit Card to avoid having to know the exact amount.

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