Unitron Introduces Smallest Ever Wireless RIC Hearing Aid

Moxi Now beside two stacked blueberries

Unitron has just announced the release of a brand new addition to their hearing aid line up called the Moxi™ Now and we recently got to play with it. It will be introduced in the UK and Ireland from mid October and it is the world’s smallest wireless receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aid.

Moxi Now is the latest addition to Unitron’s line up of Moxi RIC hearing devices and will be launched on the North Platform. It is to be available in the Pro, 800, 700 and 600 hearing technology levels. While small, the Moxi Now will be a powerful addition to the range with a choice of two levels of receiver. The devices will be suitable for hearing losses up to severe.

Smallest RIC hearing aid in the world

As you can see from the lead picture of the article, the Moxi Now really is small. According to Unitron, Moxi Now measures just 20.2mm tall and 6.5mm wide. 39% smaller than their own next smallest RIC, and 14% smaller than the next closest competitor. While small, it delivers comfort, discretion, power and most importantly, functionality. I am not mad about these digital hearing aid types, they have their pros and their cons. However, once you take good care of them they will not let you down. 

Moxi Now

It really is a discrete device on the ear and it’s ergonomic shape ensures that it lies well on the back of the ear. After a couple of minutes it is easy to forget that it is on entirely. The shape of the receiver wire and the device itself seems to ensure that the hearing instrument stays on the ear. Although small and light, I never felt worried about losing it, it felt very secure on the ear. 

The new device was designed to offer complete discretion and ease of use. It is a fully automatic wireless hearing instrument designed to appeal to people who just want to put their hearing aid on and forget it. I have to admit it was very difficult to see the hearing aid on, the receiver wire hugs the face well and is difficult to see. The aid body sits very well on the back of the ear and even with short hair you would have to be looking for it to notice.

I think this might be the aid for you if you are looking for a discreet option but need the versatility and power that a RIC hearing device can offer. 

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