I’m hoping Ear Gear will sort out my hearing aid versus sweat problem.

I’ve got into running recently in a pretty big way. I started around March 2017, here’s my stats so far. And yes, in case you are wondering, I have become one of those annoying people who can’t stop talking about running.

But anyway, I started having a hearing aid versus sweat problem pretty quickly. I have been wearing my Phonak BTEs whilst running, mainly because my ReSound Linx 3Ds are a receiver-in-the-canal model and so I figured, given all the sweat and heat in my ear, a rubber mould on the BTE would be less likely to be damaged than the receiver on the RITE. So the problem isn’t in the ear as such, but over the top of it. The sweat drips down and gets in the main BTE unit, seems to be worse on the right hand side, on which the hearing aid usually stops working after a decent amount of sweat gets in – the left continues to work but the microphone does make some crunching noises after a while.

Any hearing aid is going to have a problem with excessive sweat, rain, or any other moisture exposure – microphones, electronics and water don’t mix that well.

So I’m hoping that a pair of Ear Gear will save the day. Ear Gear are basically a stocking for your hearing aid, they are waterproof but do not affect the sound getting in to the aid at all, they don’t block out any sounds that you want to hear. 

Another post to follow when they arrive and I give them a spin.

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