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It isn’t often that we are moved to action against online hearing device retailers. Mainly because generally, they don’t actually set out to con the consumer. But there was no way we were going to allow to continue to make outrageous claims about shitty equipment (Irish technical term). That is a con job if ever I saw one. So let’s talk about how they are making outrageous and untrue claims to trick US consumers to buy cheap amplifiers.

Nano hearing aids site

Nano Hearing Aids

So the image above shows their most popular product, the Nano CIC hearing aids. What is really fascinating about these amazing advanced technology hearing aids at a fantastic price is that they look very similar to thirty dollar hearing aids available on Alibaba. Hmmmmmmm cic hearing aids

America’s First Ever Recognised OTC Hearing Aids!

This claim is outrageously untrue, I mean shamefacedly rubbish. But like all good lies, it merges truth with complete bullshit (another Irish technical term). In an article on Know recently called “Are Over The Counter Hearing Aids Legal and Available? The Answers” I clearly spelt out that in fact OTC hearing aids do not exist and will not exist until the FDA gives clear guidance on exactly what they are. So this claim is a lie, an untruth, a fib.

OTC claim on

FDA Letter

In fact, the FDA has written a letter to all hearing device manufacturers that cautioned hearing aid manufacturers against marketing their products as an over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid. The letter states that the OTC hearing aid category does not currently exist, and until it is established, “no products that are claimed to address hearing loss are, or can claim to be, OTC hearing aids…Currently, hearing aids continue to be restricted devices, for which sales must follow applicable federal and state requirements.”

The letter by Dr Maisel emphasizes the fact that marketing of hearing devices cannot use the phrase “OTC hearing aids” in their marketing since the FDA definition of this hearing aid class—which would probably include severity of loss and other important safety, quality, and labeling requirements—has not yet been established.

Automatically Adjusting

Aye right, hahahahahahahahahahahah, I spit my coffee across my dining room table when I read this with laughter. Unfortunately, there is no hearing aid that automatically adjusts to a hearing loss. It is complete rubbish, it just isn’t technically possible. What does it do, read your mind? Maybe it has a secret and unknown technology that communicates on a genetic level with the damaged hair cells in your cochlea, or, maybe it’s more bullshit (see reference to Irish technical term)!

Hearing Tests Are A Marketing Myth!!!

I mean what can you say, honestly? So public health services all over the world are testing people’s hearing to fit hearing aids because it is good for their marketing? I mean this is perhaps the most shamefaced and damaging lie of all. A hearing test is a proven medical testing process that delivers the key information that is used to help people hear better. It really is as simple as that and to make an outrageous claim like this that some people may believe is outrageously unethical at best and downright scumbaggery (Irish technical term email me for definition) at worst.

Listen, I could go on and on pulling their website and their claims apart. But why bother, I mean the two outrageous lies above should speak to the overall veracity of Nano Hearing Aids. If they don’t stop and make you pause, I really can’t help you. 

Online Sites

It is rare that I resort to Irish technical terms on the blog and usually it is spurred by restrained fury. This is one of those cases, these people are ripping off people who need help. Not some cheap rubbish that is backed up by outrageous claims and a shiny website. The issue is that some people are desperate enough to try it, that is really what infuriates me.

We will support online hearing aid retailers when and where it makes sense. We are on record that we support Blamey and Saunders in Australia and we have laid out in the past why that is so. Don’t get ripped off by

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