Shooting, Guns, Suppressors & Hearing Protection

We received an infographic submission recently from Gun Safe Lab. I like to shoot, especially range shooting, I find it extremely relaxing, almost Zen. There is just you, the weapon, the target and your breathing. However, unless you are wearing decent hearing protection, the sport you love can quickly damage your ability to hear. Good hearing protection is a must for shooters, however recently a new debate has opened up around suppressors. The infographic cuts through some of the misconceptions about suppressors and gives a better understanding of what they are capable of and the difference they might make. 

Shooting & Hearing Loss

Loud sounds coming from the use of guns may have two effects- reduce your chances of hitting the target or develop hearing problems. Any of these two could be harmful to you. Therefore, you should consider investing in both good hearing protection and a gun suppressor. Neither of these things is required or mandated, but it is better to stay protected.

Hearing Loss Happens Over Time

Even if you don’t think the sounds are too loud or you are not bothered by it, you really should think twice. Noise-induced hearing loss happens over time, you don’t develop hearing problems right away. If you keep hearing sounds at a high decibel level, you will end up with hearing issues. Before you know it, your hearing capabilities are no longer the same as they used to be.

Not Silencers, Suppressors

To call a suppressor a silencer is really a misnomer, there is no such thing as complete silence when using the gun but the noise is reduced to a certain extent. When you couple this sound suppression with good hearing protection, it will mean you should keep your hearing for longer. The noise reduction level will depend on several factors, calibre and type of weapon, ammo used and the type of suppressor you have bought.

Your Hearing Matters, Protect it

There are a lot of benefits from using good hearing protection and a suppressor, not least that you will be protecting your ability to hear. Check out the infographic below to find out more benefits to convince you it is time to get one for yourself now.

Protecting Your Ears: Do Gun Silencers/Suppressors Help

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