best hearing aid, Another Fake Hearing Aid Review Site

During our recent look at Nano Hearing Aids we noted a new fave hearing aid review website which was being used to support the Nano website. The site is called Hearing Aid Reviews and is on the url (web address) The strategy is simple and has been around for a long time. When you are out to con someone, it is best received when the con is validated by a seemingly independent partner. The site is rubbish, let’s talk about why. 

Nano hearing aids site

The site has been sitting around doing very little for a while, then this year a host of articles were added to the site with backlinks to Nano Hearing Aids. The idea is to help support the SEO of Nano Hearing aids. It is also to help support the trustworthiness and authority of Nano Hearing Aids. If you look through the articles, the publishing date is the 14th of January and the updated date is the 15th. Every single article.

Use Trusted Sites

Use trusted sites for your hearing aid reviews, sites like us and Hearing Tracker. You can be pretty sure that the information you receive is fair and unbiased. If you are looking at any website, look at the articles, see how far they go back. Look at the general level of content available and the subjects covered. Generally, the more you see, the better the site is. 

As I said in my last article, we will support online hearing aid retailers when and where it makes sense for the consumer. We are on record that we support Blamey and Saunders in Australia and we have mentioned some other sites that we would support here. I have laid out in the past why that is so. If you are determined to buy online, and if you are a fit for that model, go to one of them, don’t get ripped off by

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