Signia Introduce a Rechargeable Model to The Nx Line-up

New Rechargeable and a CROS

Signia has just announced the launch of a rechargeable hearing aid to the Nx platform. They are calling the device the Pure Charge & Go and it is expected to be available soon. Signia will also offer a CROS solution for Nx, they will be introducing a 312 CROS transmitter for the Nx platform, so it will work with all the wireless Nx products to provide them with CROS and BiCROS capabilities. Additionally, the narrow directionality feature in Nx (designed for better speech intelligibility in noise) will be available with the CROS/BiCROS functionality.

Signia Pure Charge & Go

Rechargeability Comes to Own Voice Processing

Signia was one of the first hearing aid brands to introduce Lithium-Ion rechargeable hearing aids with the release of their Cellion device. So I was awaiting an introduction of a Cellion Nx, however, they have introduced a Lithium-Ion equipped Pure device instead.So in essence, the hearing aid we were so pleased with has gone rechargeable. We have tested the Signia Pure 7 Nx here on Know and have been very happy with the device. The addition of a rechargeable option to this platform will make many prospective consumers happy. It just adds to all of the benefits, better own voice experience, Made For iPhone, now rechargeable.

Three Levels of Tech?

There was no indication of this but I would imagine that the new model will be available across the three usual levels of Signia tech, the 7, the 5 and the 3. If we hear anything else, we will update the article. 

The Relevant Power Facts

Signia say that Pure Charge&Go’s high-capacity power cell will allow for enhanced Bluetooth connectivity. This will enable users to enjoy high-quality, long-lasting stereo streaming of TV audio, music, and phone calls directly to both hearing aids.

They say that you will be able to stream up to five hours per day and still benefit from 17 hours of battery life before needing to recharge. That’s pretty good streaming time and battery life. So for a quick overview:

  • Up to 17 hours of battery life with 5 hours of streaming
  • Just 3 hours to fully charged
  • 30 mins of charging gives 6 hours of use
  • Easy wireless charging, drop them in the charger and voila
  • Made For iPhone, Direct connection to iPhone
  • High-quality audio streaming
  • Ultra HD e2e and Bluetooth connectivity

3D Classifier

The 3D Classifier was introduced across the Nx range, it analyses many factors of the user’s environment and communication behaviour. It uses information on the user’s voice activity, their motion and sound data to tailor the hearing aids response to better suit the user’s needs. 

Two Radios

The Signia Nx platform has two wireless radios, the Bluetooth radio and the proprietary Signia wireless system called Ultra HD e2e. This approach brings real benefits, it ensures that the outstanding ear to ear features can still run even if you are streaming audio or taking a phone call. All of this in a very discreet package.

Signia Pure Charge & Go beside a Cherry

Telecare 3.0

The new service means that you can set-up a video call with your hearing professional and explain the issue you are having in the situation you are having it in. While you are connected, your hearing professional can tweak your hearing aid’s settings live and you can quickly assess if they are better. 


The details of the CROS were pretty non-existent other than it is a 312 transmitter. When we hear more, we will gladly let you know. 

The Signia Nx platform has really been very popular since its introduction, I think the move to add a rechargeable device to the line up can only seal that popularity.

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