Help to Shape The Future of Hearing Aids

Have Your Voice Heard

We often get feedback from consumers about different facets of hearing aids and hearing care. They talk about things they aren’t happy with or wish were different. At Hearing Aid Know, we have begun to undertake consumer hearing aid surveys. Our first one is up and we will continue with it for a while. When we have some decent answers from a large enough sample, we will then change the survey to look at other topics. This is your chance to help to shape the future of hearing aids and hearing care. We will be feeding the survey responses back to the main hearing aid brands as we move forward and we hope to begin to write some articles based on them as well. This is the opportunity to make your voice heard.

Linx Resound Quattro rechargeable hearing aids

The surveys are completely anonymous and we won’t be gathering any recognisable personal data. We are going to try to keep the surveys short and sweet moving forward, trying to keep them to perhaps ten good questions.

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