Phonak Extends The Audeo Marvel Range

Phonak has extended the Audeo Marvel range with two new model types, a 312 with a telecoil and a size 13 with a telecoil. It makes the Audeo Marvel range a really strong contender for pretty much everyone. The sooner the better that they introduce the RogerDirect though, I think the range suffers badly from the lack of access to assistive devices.

Phonak Audeo Marvel Extended Range

They are releasing the Audeo M-312T and the Audeo M-13T to the market. I think they will both be well received although my money would be on the size 13 being the favourite for many pros and consumers alike. There has been a lot of mumblings about the battery life of the 312 on forums on the internet of late. The size 13 battery should deliver much better battery life while not being dramatically bigger in size.

Pretty Good in Noise

While the Marvel has proved itself as a pretty good hearing device in noise, it still lacks access to assistive listening devices for the purpose. I believe in remote microphones, I think they are outstanding additions. So for me, the RogerDirect functionality can’t come quick enough. 

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