Obsolete! Does Buying Older hearing Aids Make Sense?

Top Of The Range, is Top Of The Range

I have noticed more than a few times on the web older hearing aid technology being marked as obsolete, do not buy. I don’t necessarily agree, I understand why they are marked obsolete and it is a great service for the consumer, however, the do not buy statement, I don’t necessarily agree with, let’s talk about buying older hearing aid technology.

Educated Purchase

We always want to give good, fair and balanced advice about buying hearing aids here. We believe in giving consumers the tools and knowledge to make good educated decisions on purchasing hearing aids. I applaud all of the websites who point out that certain hearing aids have been replaced or are now out of date.

But, even if a hearing aid is out of date or has been replaced, it doesn’t mean it is a bad purchase. I mean if you weigh up the pros and cons, understand implicitly that you are buying older technology and most important of all are getting a fantastic price, then how bad can that be?

Take the Phonak Virto Venture hearing aids for instance. The Virto V has just been replaced by the Virto Belong range. I think many will probably offer a special discount offer on the Virto V range in the next couple of months. The Virto V90 was and is an exceptional hearing aid range which offers high-quality sound and an outstanding ability to hear in even complex sound situations. Yes, its last years and the Belong is even better, but it doesn’t reduce the fact that the Venture was good stuff. 

Phonak Virto V

High-End Technology is High-End Technology

High end or premium hearing aid technology is where it is at in order that you get the very best opportunity to hear better in even the most complex situations. However, for many, it is financially onerous or even out of reach. If you can buy the last generation high-end technology for half the price, that is an excellent opportunity. It is important though that you do your research, firstly, is it the last generation and what are the general reviews about it.

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hearing aid buying guide

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Life Cycle of Hearing Aid Technology

The life cycle of hearing technology tends to be four to five years. By that, I mean every four years hearing aid technology changes as to be almost unrecognisable from before. Some technology comes along that dramatically changes how they work. Several years ago it was the introduction of binaural or combined compression.

Every year or two we see something new, and it is genuinely new, however, it is usually an upgrade on what has gone before as opposed to a dynamic leap forward. Is it new? Yes. Is it an improvement? Yes. Will it help you hear better? Yes. Should you run out and buy it? Not necessarily, especially if you are wearing top of the range hearing aids from the last generation.

Don’t get me wrong, the new stuff is better, you will notice a difference, but that doesn’t mean the old platform is ready for the bin. Be smart about your purchase, educate yourself and then armed with the knowledge make a decision on whether the older technology will deliver for you. If you think it will buy it at the better price when it is offered and when you get the opportunity, but only if the offer makes financial sense and is made honestly. 

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